Saturday, May 26, 2012

she's a she!

This week Eric and I went to my 20-week ultrasound appointment. We decided to do things a little differently as far as finding out the gender and telling all of our family and friends. Thanks to the wonderful world of pinterest, I found the idea to do a small gender reveal party/cookout! And I'm so so happy we did. 

We had our lovely ultrasound tech, nancy - who was hesitant at first due to the rules - was so nice to seal our sonogram print in an envelope with a little note saying boy or girl. We took that envelope along with the box below to the party supply shop and had them secretly fill it with pink or blue balloons. 

Later that night we got together with some of our closest friends and family to cook out, and reveal the surprise waiting for us in the box :) The rest doesn't need much explaining...

As it got closer to 20 weeks and time to find out the gender of our little peanut, I began to truly think with out a doubt baby was a boy. So the expression on my face is true surprise! Of course I was hoping for a little girl! 

I would have been thrilled with either, but the thought of someday having the kind of relationship I have with my mom - with a daughter of my own, is such a dream come true. I can't wait to meet her. And I can't wait to tell her/show her this special day when she's older! 

I already love you so much, baby girl. 

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  1. Looking at these photos and videos never gets old! Such a great idea.

    When do we get to see that adorable baby bump? :)