Monday, March 12, 2012


I haven't been on here in what seems like forever - but that happens to all blogs right? I miss having guilt-free time to blog. But as of lately I have had so many other things that have taken priority over my blog. Hopefully that changes soon!

But I had to share the big news. In early October, Eric and I will be welcoming our first little peanut and I couldn't be more excitied. Every day it becomes a little bit more real, but I still have moments where I think to myself - this is really happening??

I'm learning a lot. Especially about all of the wonderful effects pregnancy can have on your body. I'm hoping I regain my energy and my tummy settles soon as I enter the 2nd trimester! Oh, and my skin... I've never seen my skin break out so much. Hopefully that just means baby will have a perfect complexion. All complaining aside. I know it's worth every bit of it.
My latest cravings: Fruit and more fruit, lemonade, BLTs, and ice cream.

I'm sure i'll be back soon, I have lots of projects to share.