Monday, March 12, 2012


I haven't been on here in what seems like forever - but that happens to all blogs right? I miss having guilt-free time to blog. But as of lately I have had so many other things that have taken priority over my blog. Hopefully that changes soon!

But I had to share the big news. In early October, Eric and I will be welcoming our first little peanut and I couldn't be more excitied. Every day it becomes a little bit more real, but I still have moments where I think to myself - this is really happening??

I'm learning a lot. Especially about all of the wonderful effects pregnancy can have on your body. I'm hoping I regain my energy and my tummy settles soon as I enter the 2nd trimester! Oh, and my skin... I've never seen my skin break out so much. Hopefully that just means baby will have a perfect complexion. All complaining aside. I know it's worth every bit of it.
My latest cravings: Fruit and more fruit, lemonade, BLTs, and ice cream.

I'm sure i'll be back soon, I have lots of projects to share.


  1. such a cute announcement! i still can hardly believe it either... :D you better be documenting your baby bump for me so i can watch you grow more adorable! i wish i was there to feed you yummy food. (: we need to be better about staying in touch because i don't want to miss out on a single bit of this wonderful part of your life! love and miss you guys so much. give eric a high five for me and tell him i'm rooting for a baby girl ;)


  2. What an exciting experience! It will be so much fun to watch you become a mother, from the growing baby bump to the decorated nursery to the time when that sweet baby is finally here! I'm sure it feels totally surreal, but it will be absolutely wonderful and you're going to do a great job! :)