Sunday, January 16, 2011

I finally said yes to a dress.

When I first got into all of the planning for our wedding I never thought that the dress would mean very much to me... it's just a dress, that you'll wear once, and spend too much money on. (whoa, I sound like my father)

Well yesterday I decided on a dress and it's been officially ordered. The whole experience was MUCH more fun and exciting than I ever expected. I made the choice with 3 generations of ladies in my family. My sister, my mom, and my grandmother. I couldn't have asked for a better way to do it.

As much as I want to post a picture of the dress, I decided not too. It will have to be a surprise. It may or may not be a Watters dress. They're definitely one of my favorite designers. Along with Paloma Blanca

But I do have to give props to the boutique that I found it at. I looked at a few different places and B. Ella Bridal in Northville was the best. The people, selection of dresses, the store itself... all awesome. I highly recommend it. I can barely wait to go back and have my first fitting once it comes in!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

8 months to go...

There's only a short 8 months until our big day! I'm starting to think I better get my butt in gear if I want to get all the details done that I'd like to. I know it's going to sneak up on me. Considering we'll be engaged for 20 months by the time the wedding comes; 8 months is nothin'!

Being a Graphic Designer for my profession, trying to settle on what to do for my save-the-dates and invites is near impossible. I'd like to send out save-the-dates real soon, so I need to figure it out quick. I was having a terrible time visioning how the 'look' of the wedding would all come together so I do what we often do at work - styleboard! Thought I'd share.
Wedding StyleBoard

Photo credit: all over the place.
1. love this style for invites 2. fabric flower style for centerpieces 3. Watters dress I'm leaning towards 4. Anthropologie letters - table number idea 5. Bridesmaid dresses 6. Mason jars for centerpieces 7. possible guest book idea 8. love hanging paper flowers 9. chalkboard seating chart 10. birdie cake toppers 11. Homemade BBQ sauce favors 12. Groomsmen look 13. BBQ style buffet 14. cute boutonnieres 15. wooden road signs 16. love this bouquet 17. burlap table runner 18. fun necklace inspiration for bridesmaids.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas! Before. During. & After.

Happy 2011!
(prepare for longest post ever.)
I hope everyone had great holidays! I'd say my holiday break was one of the best, I was able to add on a few vacation days and see lots of friends and family! The first part of break I was busy crafting and making a gigantic mess in the living room - finishing up xmas gifts. {I dream about the day I'll have my own craft room/studio/office}

Jewelry boxes for my friend's two daughters, Emma and Mikalya (age 5 & 7)

(still need to put pictures/glass on the tops)
lined with felt.


now all I need to do is fill them with the handmade jewelry I promised them.

Acrylic painting of poppies on 16x40" canvas, for my parents.
Before (well about half way through):
Please excuse the terrible mess...
eric was my progress photographer



They hung it above their fireplace, I'll post a picture of that some day.
They have a red couches and warm neutrals in their family room, I think it matches quite well.

Felt ornaments for a couple of my friends
owl & ninja
IMG_0418 IMG_0648
. . . . .

Christmas cookie time at Mom & Dad's
IMG_0357 IMG_0356
amanda was a real big help.

eric being the photographer again.
amanda's gay pride cookie
my barbie snowman

long night's work!
. . . . .

12.23.10 - 1 year engaged! & Visiting with close friends.

Sadly, I didn't get any pictures with heather this night, we made up for it another day though! We exchanged gifts that night, I gave her the owl ornament (she is in love with owls) and a bottle of Michigan wine that she has been deprived of since moving to South Carolina. She gave me the most darling Christmas present, I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of it before Eric and I both dived into the homemade deliciousness. Luckily she took fabulous photos of them. You can see her whole post about them here.
She's amazing.
boys will be boys



IMG_0430 IMG_0432
heather's babies. elsie snuggled behind cleo. eric tucked them in for the night. so sweet.
. . . . .

Christmas Eve!
Celebrated with Eric's family during the first part of the day. Watching my soon to be niece and nephew open their presents was great. I wish there were more little ones in my family.


Then it was off to my Grandpa & Nana's (mom's side) This side of my family is super fun and goofy. We play games, exchange 'White Elephant' presents, and drink Grandpa's famous Grasshoppers!
During white elephant, dad cheated and picked a present that he knew was cookies and candy. guess who I get my sweet tooth from... :)

eric opening his white elephant...
He got a santa!
Uncle Gordie drinking an infamous grasshopper!
. . . . .

Christmas Day!
Eric and I stayed the night at my parents so we could wake up with them and my sister. We were totally spoiled. From there we spent the rest of the day at my Grandmother's. I love our family traditions.
Eric and dad both got remote control helicopters. By far their favorite gift I think, they played with them all day long like 12 year old boys...


ellie wasn't quite so sure about those strange birds flying around the family room.
christmas is by far gus gus' favorite holiday.

mom & amanda
eric's "pilot" outfit...
IMG_0531 IMG_0539
There's something magical about Grammy's Christmas tree.
. . . . .

12.26.10 Girls Night in Davisburg
I have some awesome girl friends from elementary school and some from middle school. I'm so happy we keep in touch because when we do get together... it's so much fun.

claire was one of my first best friends when I moved to Davisburg. going on 14 years!. . . . .
. . . . .

Last but not least. I got to spend a day with lovely miss heather before she left to go back home in SC. I miss her all over again. I have to wait until my wedding to see her again, I'm not sure if I'll make it!
. . . . .

PHEWWW! That was a blogging marathon!
2010 ended very well, but I'm extremely excited for 2011!