Thursday, June 14, 2012

she has a name.

and her name is 

I didn't think I'd be the type to land on a name so soon. If you know me at all you know that I'm a very indecisive person. But we really love this name and have for a long time. Baby Charlie should be here October 6th!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Lately i've been busy meeting with brides, designing, printing, sewing and cutting. Still house hunting. We put an offer on a house last week. Unfortunately it's a short sale, so it's really hard to get excited about since the process can take for-ev-er, but our fingers are crossed! Oh, and still growing this baby bump...

Jenna and I have been busy this spring/summer working on orders and projects for ninj & ninj. Right now our site is full of all the holiday cards we produced for noel night, but really soon we'll be featuring all of our new cards and invitations. Until then, here's a sneak peak of some of my latest projects...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ledbury drive on etsy

I have a small shop on etsy. Small as in there are only 2 items for sale these days. Which is okay with me, it's a fun hobby to have on the side. And with everything else keeping me busy these days I'm not ready for it to get much bigger. That is the hope though, I'd love to fill it up with lots of custom wedding and party details some day. Until then I've had fun making cake toppers and ring pillows. Below are some of my projects. (note to self: take better photos of my products)

anniversary cake topper: alan & misty
5 • 29 • 10

birthday cake topper: "make a wish elise!"

wedding cake topper: 
mr & mrs pye
12 • 5 • 12 (australian format, they were just married may 12th)

another shot of my original ring pillow

yellow ring pillow for a fellow michigander.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

she's a she!

This week Eric and I went to my 20-week ultrasound appointment. We decided to do things a little differently as far as finding out the gender and telling all of our family and friends. Thanks to the wonderful world of pinterest, I found the idea to do a small gender reveal party/cookout! And I'm so so happy we did. 

We had our lovely ultrasound tech, nancy - who was hesitant at first due to the rules - was so nice to seal our sonogram print in an envelope with a little note saying boy or girl. We took that envelope along with the box below to the party supply shop and had them secretly fill it with pink or blue balloons. 

Later that night we got together with some of our closest friends and family to cook out, and reveal the surprise waiting for us in the box :) The rest doesn't need much explaining...

As it got closer to 20 weeks and time to find out the gender of our little peanut, I began to truly think with out a doubt baby was a boy. So the expression on my face is true surprise! Of course I was hoping for a little girl! 

I would have been thrilled with either, but the thought of someday having the kind of relationship I have with my mom - with a daughter of my own, is such a dream come true. I can't wait to meet her. And I can't wait to tell her/show her this special day when she's older! 

I already love you so much, baby girl. 

Monday, March 12, 2012


I haven't been on here in what seems like forever - but that happens to all blogs right? I miss having guilt-free time to blog. But as of lately I have had so many other things that have taken priority over my blog. Hopefully that changes soon!

But I had to share the big news. In early October, Eric and I will be welcoming our first little peanut and I couldn't be more excitied. Every day it becomes a little bit more real, but I still have moments where I think to myself - this is really happening??

I'm learning a lot. Especially about all of the wonderful effects pregnancy can have on your body. I'm hoping I regain my energy and my tummy settles soon as I enter the 2nd trimester! Oh, and my skin... I've never seen my skin break out so much. Hopefully that just means baby will have a perfect complexion. All complaining aside. I know it's worth every bit of it.
My latest cravings: Fruit and more fruit, lemonade, BLTs, and ice cream.

I'm sure i'll be back soon, I have lots of projects to share.