Monday, December 19, 2011

the beginning of a life's dream.

I have a friend named jenna. We joke about being "life partners." I assure you, I'm very happily married, but there are many days that go by when I'm not sure what I'd do with out her. She and I share many of the same passions, dreams, and goals. Ever since she and I began working in advertising together as partners in 2009 we have talked about where our hearts truly lie in this crazy creative world. A lot of talking about 'what if' led to us finally taking a small business class together where we finalized what we hope to be lifelong endeavor.

Introducing: ninj & ninj 

Through out the class we defined our goals, created a business plan, developed a logo, and "launched" our new small biz at Noel Night in Detroit - which ended our semester. Noel Night is a Christmas filled night that takes over midtown and we participated in the Art Show held in the Walter B. Ford Building. We decided to begin with holiday cards.

Our hopes for ninj & ninj are to continue with unique, quality paper goods. Greeting Cards, Wedding Stationary, Event branding, you name it. We have lots of ambitious goals. But I'll save those for another time. In the mean time, baby steps. You can find us on facebooketsy, and at
Thanks to everyone that has already supported us along the way!

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