Saturday, October 1, 2011

our new addition.

(photo from petfinder)

3.5 weeks ago I was torturing myself on petfinder (as usual) and came across this cute little nugget. It was love at first site.

3 weeks ago, after much debate and contemplation, I decided to fill out the FIDO adoption application. We heard back almost right away and decided to go meet her.

2 weeks ago we met her. As soon as we saw the foster mother walking in holding this little sandy brown peanut, we knew she was coming home with us.
Meet Piper

Piper was a rescue from a flooded shelter down south, she and her litter mates had pneumonia and parasites. It breaks my heart to think of how sick they all were, I wish I could have brought the whole bunch home with us. She's healthy and clear of all illness now! We aren't sure, but the best guess is that she is a Daschund+Chihuahua mix.
I'm so in love.


  1. You changed your blog... LOVE IT!

    AND i LOVE Piper! (That is what I was going to name Adelyn, but Craig vetoed it).

    I love Ledbury Drive... it's so unique and rolls of the tongue.

  2. thanks kristan :) I just got done explaining the new change! Thanks so much for all the love and support!