Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my wedding story: ch.1 - the venue

{I've decided to share my wedding planning experience in chapters. There are so many things I'd like to post, but I'll have to do it in smaller doses. Some may be mundane and others more exciting, either way... I hope you enjoy!}

Choosing where to celebrate our marriage was way more difficult than I had ever imagined. So many things to consider -- locatoin (somewhat practical/central for guests), type (golf course, church, park, country club, etc.), and of course considering what compliments our personalities.

I searched, and searched, and researched. we finally decided on Indian Springs Metro Park

 in White Lake, MI. Location was ideal, very close to my parents home, the majority of our friends, and still easily reachable for the rest of our guests. The type of venue they have at Indian Springs was perfect. The park grounds are kept completely natural, and our ceremony site had a beautiful backdrop of a humongous oak tree. Their event room is inside their Environmental Discovery Center which is an awesome, sustainable building.

 ceremony site:

event room:

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