Thursday, September 2, 2010

farewell my friend.

I'll admit it. I'm a "it will never happen to me" type of person. And that's why I'm still in denial that my Canon Rebel was stolen out of my car last week. Just typing that out puts a big knot in my stomach. So to anyone that reads this; please think twice about what you keep in your car. I can't be sure if it was locked or not when it was stolen (I'm typically super anal about locking my car. It's a good habit of mind). But it's a fact that if someone wants to get in your car with out leaving much evidence, it's totally possible. I didn't notice it was missing until Friday when we were heading for a trip up north and we were already on our way. I was nervous but I thought "oh I must have taken it inside the house." So when we got home Sunday and I searched our place - no camera. [balled my eyes out] Called any place it could have possibly been and no luck. I knew the whole time that it had been in my car. I guess I was just hoping for a miracle. So I'm not sure where or when exactly it was stolen but I'm going to definitely try and make a police report and claim it under either my Auto insurance or my Rental Insurance. My iPod is gone too, but I was hoping that I just misplaced that too, (I guess you can say I was really hoping for a miracle) If anyone has any advice/experience with this sort of thing it'd be greatly appreciated. In the grand scheme of things I understand it's just an object... but when it's a very expensive prize possession of yours that you just can't afford to replace right now - it's devastating. I can only hope for a happy ending now. Let's hope that my insurance pulls through for a win. (I never use my insurance and karma has to be on my side - this is good, right?)


  1. Aww man, that sucks! Sorry to hear this Niki.

  2. YOU POOR THING. That sucks. I hope your insurance comes through for you! Keep us posted!