Tuesday, September 14, 2010

decisions. decisions.

I thought choosing a color palette for the wedding would be easy. Luckily my girls chose a turquoise dress that I absolutely love (I'm in love with all shades of turquoise) so I have one color already decided on. You'd think that'd make it easier for me... not the case. I keep going round and round with what complimentary colors I'd like to use. I guess that's the one downfall of being a designer and designing your own wedding; when it's your own project it's hard to make decisions and stick with them!

This weekend I came across a new (new to me) wedding blog that has these great color palettes sprinkled throughout their posts. Each one is inspired by a photograph and I absolutely love them. Here are some of my favorites, one is actually quite similar to the scheme I'm leaning towards. Thought I'd share:

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