Thursday, August 19, 2010

a darling family.

A while back one of my best friends (and bridesmaid), Crystal and I decided to do a family photo session with her family. They've never had a professional set of photos taken of all 4 of them, and I was honored to do their first. I was so excited and happy to have one of the most darling families ever to pose for me! They made it so easy.
Meet Makayla, Joe (Eric's best man), Crystal, and Emma:
Photography is just a hobby right now. But the whole experience definitely got me thinking about doing this more often. I can't ever see calling myself a professional, but for now it's great to do for friends and family!


  1. You did a fantastic job Niki! If you ever want to go into business together, just let me know :)

  2. ooo that'd be fun! Let's do it :)

    & thank you very much!