Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Back!

8 months of no blogging and I'm finally back :)
2011 has been crazy (and amazing) -- a lot has happened. Between January and now, I just couldn't find the time to sit down and post on here while always having a million things on my to-do list.

Instead of fretting over my lack-of-blogging, I decided to come back after the wedding, after life got somewhat normal again, and share my whole experience of wedding planning. While of course still sharing other random projects, pictures and nonsense along the way!

Things that have happened since January:

+ Eric scored his first goal in his hockey league
+ Hosted a Lia Sophia jewelry party
+ Mom became a Lia Sophia Advisor in result of my party
+ Maternity photo session with Chelsea & Shane
+ Discovered Pinterest
+ Became addicted to Pinterest
+ Went to 2 baby showers in 2 weeks
+ Discovered Dexter
+ ...addicted to Dexter
+ Interviewed for a new job
+ Got the job, immediately quit Doner
+ Designed my Wedding bands
+ Chelsea had Sloaney Bologna on 3.28.11
+ Celebrated my 24th
+ Newborn photo session with Sloaney
+ Attended 5 weddings from May to July
+ Family photo session with the Chamberlain's
+ Became a wedding invite master
+ Suffered through sun poisoning
+ Showered twice with bridal gifts
+ Classy pole dancing at my bach party
+ 4th Annual Girls weekend + bach party round 2
+ Married my best friend and love of my life!

You can expect a lot of recapping from the last 8 months, my wedding story, and hopefully a refreshed blog.

feels good to be back.


  1. Niki, you're back!!!! What a great surprise.

    Wow, a lot's happened. Congrats on getting married, I'm so happy for you! :)

  2. gah! about time! hah. I'm so glad youre back!