Thursday, December 24, 2009


The 'story' for anyone who wants to know:
Christmas eve's eve (the 23rd) eric and I decided to exchange presents because we were too excited (didn't have anything to do... and eric knew he was getting a ps3, lol) While I was sitting looking at my awesome presents I'd just opened, he sneakily grabbed the ring from beside the couch and said "I have one more thing for you..." He got down on one knee. I took one look at the ring, covered my face and started balling like a little baby! We hugged and I cried and he eventually asked "does that mean yes?" I said, "of course"! We celebrated with champagne I received from one of my freelance clients earlier that day (ironic & perfect!) After I was over my emotional crying I said "oh! we need to tell my family" he totally surprised me when he said that he snuck over to their house the day before to ask their permission and blessing! That meant a lot to me. He said he was super nervous and even tried to stall by stopping at the gas station on the way. Once he got there he couldn't barely talk, his voice wouldn't work! haha. He ended up staying there for a couple hours just talking with them - and that's one of the things I love most about eric. He loves my family and they love him back. I feel so lucky.

It was a great night. He proposed the 1st Christmas in our 1st place.
It was perfect. :)

i love love love it!
it's been the best christmas ever.


  1. i love you both so much, i can't even describe how happy and excited i am for you. you've accomplished so much and things are clearly falling together for you, and that gives me hope that i can do it soon, too :) i'm so excited to start our new chapters together!

  2. aw heather! you're making my tear up! I can't even describe how happy I am either, I love you so much. Thank you. & Cheers to 2010! :)