Wednesday, October 27, 2010

oh happy day.

I received a call from my insurance company today.

{Assurant is the best, we use them for our rental insurance, they're cheap and they've been great to work with. I spoke with all american people on the phone, and one specific lady, Dawna, was always calling me back to update me and was so kind.}

THEY COVERED MY CAMERA!!! (see previous post about the tragedy)

The lovely Dawna told me that I should be receiving my check in the mail next week. After the deductible and depreciation deductions, it won't nearly cover the replacement. BUT anything helps. And now I have my eye on this beauty. I'm a Canon Rebel girl. This is for sure.

I had the Xsi before, now I'll be able to shoot HD video too! I'm pretty excited to get it. It's been sad with out a camera. I've only been using my phone. And while I'm at it I should share my awesome experience updating to the iPhone 4...

my awesome iphone upgrade story:
A friend from work told me that he sold his old iphone for $250. I didn't believe him until I went on craigslist and saw people selling my exact phone for $250+. I looked at my account and found out I was eligible for upgrade to the iphone 4 for $200. Did some quick math and realized, I can make PROFIT on this??? After I posted my phone on craigslist I literally had a buyer within 5 minuets, sold it to him the next day for $250 cash, and had a brand new iphone 4 within 24 hours of the thought even crossing my mind. If you are in the position to do this, I highly recommend it. (but always be safe when it comes to craigslist. there are a lot of creepos out there)

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  1. This is a happy day post!!! I'm so excited for you! It's great that they're covering your camera AND that you got to make money on your iPhone. Now you have extra money to put towards a case and whatnot :)